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Imam Zakariya Academy (IZA) is an educational institute based in the heart of East London and was established in 2003 with one of the first Islamic primary schools for Muslims in the East London area. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength by providing various courses for the Muslim community.

One of the flagship courses is the ’Ālimiyyah course, run over seven years in the evening making it possible for working adults and college or university students, this is a course traditionally run-in full-time settings like a 'Darul Uloom' and predominantly taught in Urdu, however at IZA the course is designed to suit the needs for the Muslim community living in the west, therefore the course is taught in the English medium. The ’Ālimiyyah has produced 63 graduates to date, of which many of them have established institutes themselves. Many others offer various services to the Muslim community of London and beyond.

Currently we have 4 courses which are provided onsite to more than 150 students and activities for the youth and the local community.

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Through the grace and mercy of Allah, to date we have produced 49 Alimiyyah graduates, 9 Diploma in Islamic Studies graduates and hundreds of students who have benefitted from these and other courses.

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