Our School

It is important that your child attends school each day. Regular attendance has a direct impact on their achievement. However, if your child is ill please follow this procedure:

  • Telephone the school and inform the office. Please do this before 8.00 a.m. (Tel 020 8555 6258) or School Mob on: 074 1538 0319
  • If the absence is longer than 3 days please keep the school informed as to how your child is.
  • On return to school write a letter to the class teacher.

If your child is late this impacts on their learning as they miss the beginning of the lesson that frequently contains the most direct teaching.

Frequent lateness also disrupts the class for other children.

Please be on time.

No holidays will be allowed during School time.

Exceptional circumstances as to why your child/Children need to be absent during term time. You must inform the Headteacher in writing requesting special leave. Sanctions and penalty will apply if pupil/s absence are unauthorised.

Vision Statement

An inspiring learning centre at the heart of local community; nurturing self-aware and highly achieving people who serve Allah and positively transform and serve their families, communities, society and themselves.


 Mission Statement

Every Child is an Amanah


Aims & Objectives

  • To produce within an Islamic environment lifelong learners with a range of skills, faculties and talents that develop and nurture good British citizens who will actively promote fundamental British values, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty and mutual respect tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, not only to respect British law but also to the well-being of their wider communities.


  • It is integral to our vision that as good Muslims our pupils learn to respect the laws of the land and protect the environment around them, learn to participate and contribute fully in society across the spectrum of social, political and economic life harmoniously and without infringement to the rights of its fellow humans regardless of race, religion or ethnicity.


  • To teach pupils a broad, balanced, engaging National curriculum this includes (Numeracy, Literacy, Science, Geography/History, Art, Music, Religious Education (Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, and Buddhism), ICT, and Physical Education (PE)


  • Teach pupils a balanced Islamic Curriculum which includes: Akhlaaq (Morals & Manners), Seerah (History of Islam), Fiqh (Practicals), and Aqeedah (Beliefs), with an option of Hifz (memorisation of the Holy Qur’an).


  • This all–round development includes both the intellectual and physical aspect of emotional and spiritual development. We believe promoting these aspects of humanity will catalyse community cohesion, helping create and sustain communities where all members are valued and work together for the common good.