Imam Zakariya Academy Primary School was established in September 2003 at Forest Gate Masjid London E7. This institution specialises in cultivating young learners to be broad and balanced British Muslim Citizens who will positively contribute to society, as well as the teaching of the memorisation of the Quran from the outset of a child’s learning career.

To produce within an Islamic environment lifelong learner with a range of skills, faculties and talents that develops and nurtures good British Muslim Citizens who will actively promote the fundamental British values, democracy, rule of law, Individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, not only respect British Law but also contribute positively to the wellbeing of the wider communities.

In addition to the learning and memorisation of the Quran and the Islamic Studies subjects, at IZA we teach the core national curriculum subjects to the highest standards with the emphasis on understanding the correct beliefs of Islam and Islamic values so that our children may realise their purpose in life, reform their spiritual and physical character, and nurture within themselves a true sense of Islam and thereby make a correct moral and social contribution to the society they live in.

Furthermore, our aim is to ensure that each child learns and develops his or her key skills. IZA focuses on fulfilling the targets set by the Government in education. A broad range of subjects are taught to each child which include Literacy, Numeracy, Science, British and Islamic History, Geography, Personal, Social and Health Education, ICT, Art, R.E and P.E. In teaching the key subjects, we follow the National Curriculum as required, and we take into account the available national and commercial schemes of work such as QCA, Collins, Ilm2Amal and so on.

We adopt an underlying Islamic ethos and understanding at all times whilst promoting the development of excellence across the broad range of Humanities and Sciences that are taught at IZA Primary. Insha’Allah We sincerely hope and assure you that with the support of our staff and with your co-operation and assistance we can raise and improve standards at IZA school. It is, after all, with the best interests of the students in mind that we have such expectations. For your information, We have endeavoured to employ passionate, dedicated, qualified and experienced teachers in the various sciences and we will do our utmost to employ teachers both male and female so that our children can experience learning in an Islamic environment and receive the nurturing relevant to their respective ages.